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Varadero Beach Tour

Varadero Beach Tour

Sun Beach sand is what else is known Varadero and it is actually what more highlights this beautiful Peninsula Cuban located in the province of Matanzas, more than sure you with our tours learn that Varadero is only for your history its inhabitants and workers of the largest polo tourist Cuba will provide you with the hospitality that characterizes Cubans with the only purpose of you sit in Paradise which has just get.


The House of FTAA gets, their spaces craftsmen, the Park jozone, the House DuPont, the Varadero golf club, the Dolphin, caves of Saturn where you admire a pool natural waters and depth 22 meters ideal for its activities diving in addition to its wonderful streets full supermarket and bars truly Cuban are any of the attractions that we put your consideration.


22 km from beautiful beaches where the Crystal Blue their water reaches nuances heavenly in perfect contrast to their White Sands are sure the attractive most important of our Island by others you enjoy at any time of year., You will have exclusivity wander their avenues in classic car we are relics trailers and by others have all the comfort you deserve for the full enjoy this adventure tropical.


You can enjoy the excellent Creole food and enjoy the excellent cocktail bar Cuban famous over the world via the mojito Cuban, he daiquiri and Pina colada, we'll know suggest the best and most recognized restaurants, making US accomplices of their finances always respecting your tastes and preferences.







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Varadero Beach

Varadero is a city of Cuba belonging the municipality Cardenas located in the Peninsula hicacos, province killings 130 miles East of Havana. Northeast tip hicacos is the place North of Cuba. Is a territory special of the Republic of Cuba. Is the point closest to the United States, has 30km extension of which 22 km are beaches. Limits North with the Strait of Florida, South with Bay Cardenas East with Cardenas West with cayería sabana Camagüey, its population is 26 680 inhabitants, is a population traveling, its main line economic is tourism development and the largest workforce is depending on the same.


  • History

When in Cuba or any other country is said "Varadero", immediately is Associated that name primarily to a beautiful Beach and second tourism. To do this, is unknown the ancient history of the area where enclava the famous balneario.de that when occur the good called meeting of two worlds, as left sitting the unforgettable captain Antonio Núñez Jimenez on occasion 500 anniversary of the arrival of Columbus to Cuba, the Peninsula hicacos was inhabited by Aboriginal, attest evidence found in caves Ambrose and Muslims and until today, indecipherable pictografías.en the Museum of Varadero exposed remains of one of the Aboriginal found in the flap of the "cave Muslims". The skeleton exposed corresponds to a site funeral that is calculated existed between 500 years Ane and 500 first of our was. Dr. ercilio Vento canosa ensures that their research shows that the skeleton belonged to a man 25 35 years old, sick of anemia and syphilis disease brought to the Island Antilles by White old world.

  • Economy

Beach Varadero major tourist destination, is located North of the province of killings, in the Peninsula hicacos, in the region tourist Varadero and in the sub-region killings-Cardenas-Varadero. Landscapes current Peninsula hicacos are characterized by a rich diversity. Considered one of the main poles tour of the country, captive by their White and fine sand, and its waters of a delicate Blue, warm and transparent all year in which bathers can get away tens of meters from the shore without reaching cover them completely. Founded in 1887 as a village, currently the Beach Blue Cuba, as also called, is a great city surrounded by water, located in the North shore Matanzas, exactly the Peninsula hicacos, a 2 hour road from Havana or few minutes by plane, for which has a comfortable international airport. By sea is also possible.

  • Society

Of course, Varadero is not only hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars. For those who like the adventure, there are 23 areas diving with diversity Coral multi-colored, gorgonians, fish, lobsters, shrimp, crabs, caguamas and more than 70 types of molluscs that lead to wonder of the diver more experienced. Here taught courses initiation in pools and Beach, and specialized courses recognition internacional.otras recreational options are horse riding, mopeds, bikes, trencito and cars horse, all land, and at sea fishing and water sports, strong motivation. Surfing, the water skiing, sailboats, catamarans or tables sailing, make glistening the waters of Varadero.

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