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Pinar del Rio Tour

Pinar del Rio Tour

Here heavenly where you will have a constant interaction with nature, enjoy a beautiful view of the mogotes ( mountains Stone covers vegetation unique in this region of the country).


From the viewpoint of Jasmine tour route Cuban tobacco, whose plantations you can find along the way back bajero, in his tour visit the cave Indian, old House Aborigines site, from which admire your stalactites and stalagmites with different forms and details for a ride a boat, if you are looking acquire knowledge of homemade tobacco, look no more, families of this region pass their knowledge generations.


And will your enjoyment in a family atmosphere the peasantry Cuban. Lunch between mountains with the best views in direct contact with nature and traditional and rich Creole food Cuban various options with which does not prevent licking fingers.


Tour of the Park Marti, with his Church, House of culture and art gallery, finally he instead of prehistoric painting on Stone with various creatures who inhabited the sea that one day was part of this wonderful destination.








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Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Río is the capital of the municipality and the province with the same name. Situated in the plain South of Pinar del Rio, riverfront guama. Your name is attributed to the existence of a Pinar next to the margins of a River, on the site where settled.


  • History

This city was founded in 1699, but your Genesis is prior. In 1578 the Council of Havana mercedó Francisco of Red a sabana called River ugly, board to herd Alonso Red, Marquis of San Felipe and Santiago. Five months later, another donation of the same land, with different name, to Gaspar Hernandez. Unfulfilled by both the conditions of contract, the city Council of Havana proceeded to a deslinde of those land, with the names of Pinar del Rio, taironas and San Mateo, making them object of new Mercedes. After the changes, swaps and transactions, ended between different owners in 1719.

  • Economy

There mining copper Mantua and lead and marble. Areas serranas dedicated to livestock and logging, but also develops an eco tourism in places like in the Valley viñales.

Agriculture is represented by the coffee, cocoa, Rice, citrus fruits, vegetables and fruits and especially the tobacco, from which Pine Forest River is the first Center producer world class.

Industry focuses on the transformation of agricultural products and textiles, chemical industry, fertilizers and fishing.

  • Culture

The province has a high level of culture in general throughout the population, where along the same and especially in the town of Pinar del Rio where unfold along he different museums, such as natural science Museum "tranquilino sandalio of Noda", located in Marti # 202 Esq. Ave. commander Pine forests, where you'll find all you need to know about our natural history, from the old dinosaurs, up to our evolutionary process. There are also cinemas and theaters, which extend the knowledge and offers Recreation for vueltabajeros. Pinar del Rio has given important figures of culture, not only nationally. In the field musical you can't forget to mention of figures as Willy chirino, who was born in the town of Santa Cruz, current consolation South. Another figure, whose Fame Unfortunately was cut of pit by a car accident, was polo montañez, who was exponent maximum of the idiosyncrasy vueltabajera.

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