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Matanzas Tour

Matanzas Tour

Located 100 km from the capital and linked to this by the more popular and safe Highway, called via White, find the city of Matanzas the Athens of Cuba, popularly called the city of bridges as therein located tens of small bridges that allow get around the ravings in major Rivers of this province, such so the yurumí and walking in the way to Matanzas find engineering works really spectacular considered wonders of engineering Cuban, we will pass by the tunnel in Bay Havana inaurado 1958 year opening of Highway previously stated, also will cross by the bridge bacunayagua where is almost forced to stop by and observe in all its glory majestic Valley yurumí, refresh with a delight the cocktail bar Cuban ¨la Piña colada' buy a another suvenir and admire the stunning view offered this exclusive Bay window to the entrance of the highest and majestic of bridges Cuban serving of border 2 provinces Cuban mayabeque and Matanzas.


In Matanzas through our tours may know your Bay streets, museums which highlights for its exclusive the Museum of the pharmacy one of its kind in the world, the legendary Park freedom, the viewpoint Monserrate, the Street from the middle, theater sauto and extraordinary caves of Bella Mar.


You can enjoy the excellent Creole food and enjoy the excellent cocktail bar Cuban famous over the world via the mojito Cuban, he daiquiri and Pina colada, we'll know suggest the best and most recognized restaurants, making US accomplices of their finances always respecting your tastes and preferences.


This small but beautiful and hospital city leave undoubtedly a memory only in the memories of your trip by Cuba.







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San Carlos and San Severino Matanzas is a city of Cuba, was founded in October 1693 at a site privileged geography North of Cuba between the mouth of Rivers yumurí, San Juan and canímar. Matanzas is the capital of the province of the same name.


  • History

Columbus, in his second trip, in 1494, observed the Coast Southern Matanzas, but the real initial contact of the Spanish takes place in 1508, when Sebastian of Ocampo performs bojeo of isla.el first significant event of your history, and which takes its name, happens in 1510, when a group of Aboriginal gave death to a group of Spanish. The fact acquires unique relevance because even had not been initiated the conquest of Cuba and this early action rebel acquires the merit of the primacy to the couple that, for their impact bloody, gave the name of Matanzas the spot

  • Economy

The province of Matanzas is one of the provinces more potential economic and productive of Cuba.

Economic sectors fundamental are industry, tourism, the agricultural sector, construction, transport and comunicaciones.

In industrial activity stand out for its importance extraction gasopetrolera, the electricity industry, chemical industry and ligera.

In the area of the North shore, area comprising bays Cardenas and Matanzas is located deposits oil most important of Cuba to this, of which is extracted more 60% of the raw National.

Lot of firms European and Canadian have established contracts Pierce and exploit Wells in these deposits. In addition to exploitation efficient gas companion between Cardenas and Varadero was built the ground energás, which provides a 170 megawatts system National electrical.

The company oil Matanzas operates on the basis of supertanqueros of the Bay yumurina, which is the only in the country, and through the same processed around the raw local and most of the fuel that matter the country.

  • Culture

Since its founding near the fourteenth century Matanzas is considered one of the places most relevant in culture in the country. Since early age the area was baptized with the pseudonym "Athens of Cuba", thanks to the relevant cultural events that gave place in the region.

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