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Havana Night Life Tour

Havana Night Life Tour

Havana capital from Cuba night becomes accomplice of all the desire of any person, dreams stop being so, here is dawns daily with the taste of a unique adventure in which their memories olerán to habanos (famous Cuban tobacco) and in your palate will endure the sweetness of cocktails unique this region of the Caribbean.


To do so by our visitors will propose a dinner habanera in the restaurant the guajirito located in Havana old accompanied by presentations live a part of the cast of Buena Vista social club band Cuban world renowned, who will delight with a repertoire of its traditional Cuban music, in this cast participate various artists winners Grammy Latin.


Another of the unforgettable options is the most famous Cabaret Cuban Tropicana, considered a Paradise under the stars, in which will enjoy shows and shows internationally renowned famous for its fine dancers and exclusive environment that will be difficult to forget.


The Boardwalk habaneros is another compelled site where the night is accomplice of Bohemian adventures and the best place of Havana where insurance would like to dawn, in a par excellence meeting of young people and not so young habaneros and by space of over 18 km is scenario the beauty of Havana and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. An all effervescent is in the intercept Malecon and Street 23 where a beautiful source Announces the entrance of this popular Avenue, a non numbers bars and nightclubs that concur along this majestic place.







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