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Havana City Tours

Habana Vieja Tour

Old Havana Tour

tours led throughout the historic city where you can know and enjoy the Cuban culture through the visit to museums, the streets more emblematic of Havana that have more than 500 years, you can live the wonderful experience know the rum of Cuba and the House tobacco, places that were impregnated in his memory in ever ...

Habana Nueva Tour

Havana New Tour

Is a tour of the whole new part of Havana starting to 9.00 in the morning and last 7 hours where you can know and enjoy by tour vedado capital's and conclude on the westernmost of the capital ...

Habana Night Life Tour

Havana Night Life Tour

Havana capital from Cuba night becomes accomplice of all the desires of any person, dreams stop being so, here is dawns daily with the taste of a unique adventure in which their memories olerán to habanos (famous Cuban tobacco) and in your palate will endure the sweetness of cocktails unique this Caribbean region ...

Ciudad de la Habana

Havana is the capital city of the Republic of Cuba, its largest city, main Port and economic Center and cultural. It's headquarters official of higher bodies legislative, executive and judicial of the state, of all agencies Central and almost all businesses and associations National level. Also meets as many branches and houses matrices of the foreign institutions, radicadas in Cuba.


It is also known for the name founding Villa Saint Kitts of Havana, as well as by nicknames key of the new world and city of columns (for Cuban Writer Alejo Carpentier). Administratively integrates the province of Havana, comprising the territory of the city, villages nearby and a border area rural.fue founded on 16 November 1519 by the Spanish conqueror Diego Velázquez of Cuellar. Its historical district has been declared world Heritage site by UNESCO.


  • History

Havana was the sixth Villa founded by the Spanish Crown in Cuba, called Saint Kitts of Havana, perhaps because it was the pattern sailors, and Havana, as toponímico indigenous. In the main square, which was in Colonial times the Center of life official and public town stands a monument called the Temple, commemorating the Foundation of the Villa in that place 1519.

  • Economy

Economic development of Havana was due, largely your geographic location, that the become a major nodes commercial of the new world. From the start, the city found a source of enrichment in sugar industry and the slave trade, and then when Cuba was able to independence became a famous vacation destination. Despite the efforts that the government of Fidel Castro has dedicated to carry industrial production to all corners of the Island, Havana continues to be the Center of a large part of domestic production industrial.

  • Culture

The city is based multi-cultural events international character such as the international festival ballet Havana, the film festival Havana, the festival Jazz Plaza and international festival guitar Leo Brouwer. Hometown of the poet and Writer modernist Jose Marti, and known as the key of the new world and antemural of the West Indies for its strategic location, birthday as one of the most important cities in Latin America event located in the area of the Gulf of Mexico.

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